Sense of Decency

Listening to others, seeing things through their eyes.

Photo: ©Michelle Gabel


We welcome submissions to “Sense of Decency.” Feel free to submit essays, photos, interviews, profiles, editorial cartoons and other works. We will make any changes or edits that we deem necessary to conform to our goals and standards. We will only confer with the author when such changes are truly substantive. In addition to the goals outlined on our “About” page, please keep in mind these guidelines:

1. Strive for factual accuracy.

2. Offer insightful analysis and constructive criticism.

3. Give readers something new to think about or a new way to think about something.

4. Understand that we may not publish every submission.

5. Avoid hostility and name-calling; try to be kind.

With your submission, please tell us a little about yourself and provide your contact information. We will try to respond in a timely manner.

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We welcome thoughtful comments from readers and encourage debate. But we want to keep things civil and will moderate comments before they appear. We will not publish anonymous comments or those that are irrelevant or vulgar. All comments must be from real people we can identify. Comments may be edited.

Send to or leave a comment (to be moderated) on a post. Click on the Comment icon to open the Comment field.

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